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Our eye examinations include the following:

  • Discussion of history and symptoms

  • Thorough standard examination

  • Specific testing tailored to your needs

  • Existing eyewear test

  • Post-examination discussion regarding treatment

  • Assistance with choosing frames and lenses

  • Advice and assistance relating to contact lenses

  • Comprehensive aftercare

Eye Test Glasses

Expert eye examination with follow-up care

When it comes to ensuring your eyes are healthy; regular eye examinations are of the utmost importance, even if you don't wear spectacles.


Here at Krog & Whitehead Optometrists we provide thorough eye examinations that are designed to take your own specific needs into account, coupled with follow-up care to help pinpoint any future problems.


Visit one of our optometry branches for first class eye care

You can attend an eye examination at either of our branches, located in Raunds near Wellingborough and Whittlesey near Peterborough. We also offer home visits for the housebound and a special children's eye test aimed at making younger visitors feel comfortable.

Eye Exam

Delivering eye care to you at home

We can offer home visits for people who are housebound. We use the latest portable diagnostic equipment and are able to bring the modern consulting room to the comfort of your own home.

We provide a number of services, including private eye examinations, NHS eye examinations (for those who are eligible) and a complete dispensing service. Spectacles are personally delivered and fitted, with any adjustments being made at the time of delivery and there is a totally free aftercare service available.


Diabetic Screening

We are part of the shared-care diabetic retinopathy scheme in Cambridgeshire. Digital photographs of the retina are taken and graded according to the UK National Grading Standards. All of the optometrists are active in this screening programme.


If you have diabetes this does not necessarily mean your sight will be affected, but there is a higher risk. If your diabetes is well controlled then you are less likely to have problems or they may be less serious. However, if there are complications that affect the eyes, this may result in loss of sight.


Most sight loss due to diabetes can be prevented, but it is vital that it is diagnosed early. This can only be detected by a detailed examination of the eye. Therefore if you are diabetic, annual eye examinations are extremely important as you may not realise there is anything wrong with your eyes until it is too late.

Children's vision

Poor vision can hinder a child's development. Failure to spot and deal with any inadequacy in young eyes can often lead to even bigger difficulties in later life. It is vital that children are taken for regular eye examinations. A thorough binocular visual examination will detect any shortcomings that may hamper your child's learning ability at school.

All children should have a full eye examination before they go to primary school and regularly thereafter.  Research has shown that the development of a child's visual 'system' is largely complete by the age of 8 years, after which age there is little scope for improvement in lazy eyes.


So the earlier treatment is started, the better the possible results. Remember that all children's eye examinations are paid for by the NHS.

Book an eye examination at our Whittlesey or Raunds branches today.

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